Executive Officers

We have the privilege of being led by exceptional individuals who have demonstrated the skills and flexibility needed to run our Fraternity. Their leadership skills have helped us grow, expand and become the chapter we are today. Learn more about our Executive Committee members below, and get in touch with any questions.

Jaron Caffrey

Grand Master - President

A Senior majoring in Economics and Political Science, Jaron previously served two terms as Grand Treasurer for the chapter before becoming Grand Master. He is also heavily involved in the Washburn Student Government Association, hold positions as a Senator, Parliamentarian, and Chief of Staff. Jaron oversees all the operations of the chapter and the Executive Committee.


Giovan Rodriguez

Grand Procurator - Vice President

Gio is a Senior studying Nursing. His previous leadership positions in Kappa Sigma include BIA and Rush chairman, as well as interim Grand Master of Ceremonies. He oversees the Risk Management, By-Law, Academic Excellence, and Alumni Relations committees.


Noah Kincaid

Grand Master of Ceremonies - Ritual and Recruitment

Noah is a Junior studying Public Administration. His prior leadership within the chapter has included Academic Excellence chair and Grand Procurator. He is also involved in the Washburn Student Government Association, serving as a Senator and the Communications Committee chairman. He oversees the Champions Quest, Brothers In Action, Social, and the Ritual committees.


Konnor Keys

Grand Treasurer - Treasurer

Konnor is a Senior studying Accounting and Finance. His prior leadership experience within the chapter includes Chair of the Awards committee. He oversees the Finance and A Greater Cause committees.


Jack Benedict

Grand Scribe - Secretary

Jack is a Freshman who is studying Accounting and Finance. He oversees the Awards, Public Relations, and Campus Involvement committees.


Committee Chairs

Get to Know More of Our Leadership

Even though we have such a great executive council, there are still lots of moving parts to a fraternity. We have appointed only the best to serve in these roles.

Alumni Relations

Josh Albertson

The Alumni Relations Committee is responsible for publishing the Chapter’s alumni newsletter, coordinating Chapter events with Chapter alumni, and maintaining an updated alumni information database.

A Greater Cause Chair

Josh Albertson and Konnor Keys

The A Greater Cause Committee is responsible for developing, planning, and executing suitable community service projects and fundraisers sponsored by the Chapter.

Brothers In Action Chair

Luke Spurgin

The Brothers In Action Committee shall administer the Chapter’s Brothers In Action programs for Pledges and Brothers. They also plan and execute Brother Bonding events as well as Volunteer events.

Champions Quest Chair

Wyatt Carter

The Champion Quest Committee is responsible for coordinating our Rush Week and all recruitment efforts during the entire school year. It is their responsibility to ensure that the Chapter sees continued growth in membership.

Social Chair

Dylan Shaw

The Social Committee is responsible for organizing all social functions. This committee notifies Chapter members of upcoming social events on campus and in the community so the Chapter may be represented at these events, as well as organizing events between the Chapter and other organizations.

Academic Excellence Chair

Giovan Rodriguez

The Academic Excellence Committee certifys that all Members are complying with the scholarship requirements of Washburn University, the Gamma-Nu Chapter, and the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

Public Relations Chair

Daniel Albertson

The Public relations committee oversees all communications with the general public as a whole and works within the chapter to coordinate marketing techniques for events like rush week, philanthropy events, and others alike.

Campus Involvement Chair

Balek Masters

The Campus Involvement Committee updates the chapter on new events happening weekly on Washburn's campus.

Risk Management

Nick Martinez

The Risk Management Committee gives presentations and educational seminars over behaviors that are risky or otherwise dangerous to avoid, as well as holds the Chapter members accountable for negative actions.